Los Angeles Developer Is Now Accepting Bitcoin as Rent Payment

Rick Caruso, the billionaire behind The Grove LA, recently announced that all Caruso tenants can already start paying in cryptocurrency.

Forecast: 1 Billion Square Feet of Industrial Real Estate Needed By 2025

The demand for industrial real estate could balance out the adverse effects of the pandemic in the retail and hospitality industry.

Southern California Housing Inventory Goes Up as Demand Goes Down (Slightly)

A slight decrease in housing demand was seen compared to the situation in the first quarter of the year.

Demand for California Desert Homes Rises

The demand for California homes have spilled over in the desert. A report from Marketplace noted that desert homes have become part of California’s real estate boom.

California Homes Are Selling in Record Speed

Contrary to what people think, the pandemic failed to dampen home sales because Real Estate business is really hot on this side of town.

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